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"AI cannot substitute managers." - an exclusive expert interview

By Theresa Meyer on Jul 2, 2018 5:15:16 PM

Incenteev sits down with Prof. Dr. Peter Gentsch, data scientist, management consultant and entrepreneur of diva-e Digital Value Excellence and DATAlovers AG, to discuss the current state and the future role of humans in sales business.


Incenteev: Mr. Gentsch, how can I imagine the salesperson of the future? To what extent do the current tasks differ from the activities of the future?

Peter Gentsch: Tomorrow’s sales representative should see AI not just as a threat, but as support. I can save time by delegating to AI to find out what my target group is, etc. Consequently, I will have more time to conduct the really important things, namely personal and empathic dialogue. On the negative side, I could theoretically digitize and automate the entire sales process. In my opinion, the sales representative of tomorrow should be supported by AI so that he can concentrate on what matters in customer dialogue in a much more intensive and sustainable manner.

Do you think that employees’ fears of losing their jobs are justified?
Absolutely. Sometimes this discussion is a bit romantic and naive because they say that they simply have to develop and train their employees in other areas. I believe

 that everything that can be digitized will be digitized. Everything that can be networked will be networked, and everything that can be automated... 

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