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8 ways to engage 1.8 billion millennials

By Skyler Schmanski on Jul 19, 2017 11:14:32 AM

1. Ownership is overrated.

Nice people share their toys. So do businesspeople. The sharing economy is in full swing, but it’s still in its infancy by market standards. That leaves the future wide open to new business ventures and a generation that values access over ownership.

While a few purchases have grown in necessity (re: 98% of millennials own a smartphone), the rent-stream-share trend plows on. Don’t think it’s limited to homes or cars, either. Just because the money going into your pocket is permanent doesn’t mean your product should be. Remember: millennials want to borrow. Don’t burden them.

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How improving your sales organization by 1% makes you millions

By Skyler Schmanski on Jul 17, 2017 11:30:11 AM

Top sales reps get praise and bottom dwellers get help. Where does that leave your middle? You know, the other 80%. Management tends to nurture stars and clean up after laggards. It’s our gut reaction to fix what’s broken and massage the golden goose. But let’s look at the facts. Here are three ways to increase revenue with your organization’s biggest asset: its middle.

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5 sales leadership lessons (in Wolf of Wall Street gifs)

By Skyler Schmanski on Jul 12, 2017 10:59:49 AM


Jordan Belfort was sentenced to the slammer with a $110 million fine. Not exactly a shining example of best practices. But that doesn’t mean his story is short on lessons. You just have to read between the lines… and securities fraud… and money laundering. Here are 5 sales leadership principles, as told through Wolf of Wall Street gifs:

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3 dirty secrets of sales force turnover

By Skyler Schmanski on Jul 10, 2017 12:38:22 PM

Sales force turnover is the dark matter of your annual report. Despite being everywhere and touching everything, it’s tough to measure the extent of its impactor who’s measuring it. HR refers you to Sales, Sales to HR, an exasperated HR to C-Suite. While that cycle repeats, let’s look at some hard numbers:

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4 ways to stop your sales team from eating each other

By Skyler Schmanski on Jul 4, 2017 3:51:47 PM

North and South Korea are teaming up to combat climate change and Samsung is building iPhone screens for Apple. Hell has frozen over. So why are your sales reps still fighting each other?

We haven’t seen the last of throwing colleagues under the bus, but companies are reevaluating that dog-eat-dog culture. With some sales forces ditching commissions altogether, management is discouraging cannibalism in the ranks.

But stripping employees of an industry staple is not the same as incentivizing them. You’ll need the right tools and a new mindset to empower your team. Ready to transform your sales force? Here are 4 killer tactics:

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